The Stones

We are Gregory & LeeLee a married couple in the prime of our mid-life who after almost 3 years will finally break ground — uhm, trailer? — on our custom designed tiny house on wheels. Along with our high-school aged daughter Emma, we plan to use the house as a our vacation home until she finishes school here in Santa Clara, CA. Then what? Maybe Emma uses it as her mobile dorm for college. Maybe we use to move out of our 1,685 SQF home and live in it while we find the perfect land to build a tiny cottage. Maybe we can't hack the tiny life and we sell it. Who knows?

Join us in our journey. Between the 3 of us we have years of experience as an engineer, remodeler, professional stager & interior designer, event planner, filmmaker and commercial photographer, and home builder for the under privileged. We will film and document our journey, mistakes, successes, offer advice, videos, and whatever else we think will help anyone to make the move; believe in them self to build their own.

"Stay tuned..."